This page has been renamed from 'Other Stuff' to 'Dakta's Geek Stuff'!

Dakta likes to play/test new stuff!

On this page, you'll find some links that he found interesting, links to online tools, online Dev. stuff, ...
For those who aren't familliar yet with this Online IDE, well, here you go:
It's CodeTasty's IDE and it can be found at CodeTasty IDE

Here you'll find some Online IDE's, Terminals, ... (it can happen that they aren't starting correctly, if so, close the tab and try again)

This is an Online Python 3 Terminal Python3 online terminal
A Memcached Terminal Memcached Terminal visualizer:

This is a Python and 6 other languages step by step visualizer.
This makes it possible to chat with some volunteers to get some help on your code, or simply to collaborate on the same code in real-time!
It's also possible to 'start a private session' with someone by sharing the link generated after you clicked! This private session allows both users to collaborate on the same code in real-time!
Before you use the visualizer I recommend that you check this YouTube introduction video to the visualizer at: PythonTutor Intro Video

Host, run and code Python in the cloud using PythonAnywhere

Code Beautify is an online file viewer like for example an xml file viewer, xml to json, ...
To get there, click on the link

You can chat with me via my Dev profile at:

DJ Dakta's DEV Profile

THE ABUZzERS are now available on 'Freenode' with a 'Live Webchat':

THE ABUZzERS's freenode webchat can be joined by clicking on the link below: the-abuzzers on Freenode are now hosting the Ookla Speedtest:

You must enter following password to go to the test, this for security purposes.
Speedtest001 Speedtest on THE