On this page some of my favorite podcasts

Here are some of my favorite weekly podcasts, and as you can see, you can listen a few of them.

This page is meant to be updated on a weekly basis but I'm not able to do so for now, but I'll do my very best to achieve my goal of weekly updates of this page! (someday... ;-) )

If you want to know what's hot on the dance scene go check the 'Global Dance Chart or GDC40'.
Podcasts from the GDC will be available here soon.

Global Dance Chart is a weekly show playing the 40 best tracks online, on air, and on the floor.

There is an issue with the "Spinnin' Sessions" podcasts right now, but we are working on it and will solve this problem asap!

I removed almost all players from the page that aren't working anymore but left 2 of those players online so I can easely test if the corrections made to the code is working or not! :-(
Spinnin' Sessions is a weekly show that provides you with the most upfront dance floor tracks of the moment.

Seems that there are no new podcasts anymore! RIP Spinnin' Sessions!

More comming later on.