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Who are THE ABUZzERS? (pronounce abusers)

2 best friends (Jo-ëL & Dakta) knowing each other for more then 20 years. They where DJ'ing together in a private club 'Dream's' in Ostend and Courtrai for many years. Why the name THE ABUZzERS: when together they can't be stopped playing, ... therefore the boss always said that we where 'abusing'. Because 'abusing' did not look right it became 'THE ABUZzERS'

UPDATE (2020-09-16):

There are 2 new Podcasts on DJ Dakta's pages, Click here to go straight to the podcast's page and enjoy the MuZziK!

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Very old picture of Jo-ëL & Dakta before playing @ the after party at Club Catacombes

Jo-ëL & Dakta before the afterparty

(On the left, my best friend Tof! In the middle, Dakta! en on the right, my best friend Jo-ëL!)

Me with my best friends at my Bday

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